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New Lotus feature


New Lotus Elise canned
Goodwood Festival of Speed
New A048's :-)
Contour+ camera


This is just silly weather for November but I love it!
I'll be at Goodwood Festival of Speed :-)
Lots of motorsport!
A few problems with the Fury. Team Lotus F1 factory tour.
A new year, lots of resolutions ...


Snow :-(
1080p video recording.
Elise S3 announced at Paris motor show.
Goodwood Festival of Speed
Face lifted Elise surfaces.
More track days required! Shocking weather forces me to buy some winter tyres.


June now on Twitter
Stoneleigh Kitcar Show, Sylva Spectre launched
Lotus Stuff ...
Lotus Stuff ...
Website revamp.


November 2008
Visit to Renault F1 team headquarters!
September 2008
Trackday and Lotus 60th Anniversary.
June 2008
May 2008
Top weather, more in-car video
April 2008
Tesla Roadster
March 2008
Hethel SELOC meet ... NOT! :-(
February 2008
Loads of driving, in-car video, need an Elise!
January 2008


December 2007
November 2007
EVO Magazine car of the year ...
October 2007
Lotus announce 2008 supercharged Elise and Exige.
September 2007
In-car video, 'Aqua S2' three hunt begins. Hethel 40th.
July 2007
Some great driving at last! EVO Magazine test drive the 2-Eleven.
June 2007
Lotus 2-11. Rain stops play :-(
May 2007
Safety check and improvements on the Fury R1. Autocar test drive the 2-Eleven.
April 2007
Comparing the Fury to the Elise.
March 2007
The Fury R1 is completed!


November 2006
Lotus 'Circuit Car'
September 2006
Fury R1 bodywork, Lotus announces job losses.
July 2006
Fury R1 progresses.
June 2006
Lotus launch new basic Elise.
April 2006
The engine sounds fabulous!
February 2006
Exige S, in-car video, real progress on my Fury R1.
January 2006
Another year, another Lotus Elise variant :-)


December 2005
Europa S announced.
November 2005
Fisher Fury R1 takes shape.
October 2005
Kit car chassis arrives. New Elise variant.
August 2005
2000 tickets
July 2005
Fisher Fury R1 is ordered.
June 2005
Elise S3?, my kitcar arrives soon.
April 2005
The demise of Rover.
February 2005
Exige Sport 240R launched.
January 2005


December 2004 Elise based 2+2 coupe?
October 2004 Sylva R1ot
September 2004 Bruntingthorpe trackday, R1 engine
August 2004 Lotus Web Store, Lotus GT announced
July 2004 Rethink.
March 2004 Kit car build preparation
February 2004 Autocar put the 111R up against the VX220 Turbo.
January 2004 Federalised Elise launched.


December 2003 HGF again!
October 2003 US Elise review.
September 2003 US Elise and Exige S2 announced.
August 2003 VW to build a sportscar?
June 2003 Elise S2.5 is born
May 2003 Corroding floors and BEC
April 2003 Llandow in a Striker.
March 2003 VX220 Turbo
February 2003  


January 2002  
December 2002 ADSL
November 2002 New car.
October 2002 Motorshow 2002, Birmingham NEC
September 2002 Rumours.
July 2002 AP22 arrives.
June 2002 Toyota on track.
May 2002 New Elise 111 and 111S announced.
April 2002 Honda S2000 test drive, lots of rumours.
March 2002 Elise rumours.
February 2002 S2 hard-tops, Geneva motorshow.
January 2002 S2 Sport 135 announced. (2 pictures)


December 2001  
November 2001 Thielert S2 upgrade.
October 2001 Neighbour's Elise, Turbo Technics S2 upgrade.
September 2001 The 11th, VX200 hard-tops.
August 2001 AutoExpress on Elise brakes.
July 2001 Favourite circuit, Elise security.
June 2001 Corsica.
May 2001 Rumours.
April 2001 Lotus Life club meet.
March 2001 Hard-top. (1 picture)
February 2001 Elise reviews, Lotus Life factory visit. (1 picture)
January 2001 Elise S2 test drive. (6 pictures)


December 2000 Still no Elise S2 production.
November 2000 Elise pricing, production delays.
October 2000 Motorshow Elise S2 pictures. VX220 and Grinnall Scorpion. (43 pictures)
October 2000 Elise S2 official at last. Bentwaters airfield day. Elise S2 reviews. (2 pictures)
September 2000 More Scooby comparisons.
August 2000 Sport 160 test drive. VX220 launch. (4 pictures)
July 2000 Impreza Turbo arrives, comparison.
June 2000 Strathcarron. Honda S2000 test drive. (1 picture)
May 2000 Impreza insurance.
April 2000 Sold it. Back to the 200vi.
March 2000 Vauxhall VX220. On track at Snetterton, Elise 49, ride in Motorsport Elise. Toyota MR2 test drive. (13 pictures)
February 2000 Driving light covers, 340R, night runs. (3 pictures)
January 2000 Ordered the Impreza. (1 picture)


December 1999 Winter driving.
November 1999 Hit a pheasant. It's a boy. (2 pictures)
October 1999 Orford. (3 pictures)
September 1999 Turbo Technics 190bhp test drive.
August 1999 Norfolk and Snetterton, sticky throttle, tyre pressures, Brandshatch, eclipse and a ride with Dave Minter in a Sport 190. (1 picture)
July 1999 Got it back. Skid-pan session, fitting a CD, radio reception problems. (1 picture)
June 1999 Sans Elise.
May 1999 Drive to Somerset, crashed it, the long wait.
April 1999 Picked up my Elise. New toy syndrome, 111S test drive. (1 picture)
March 1999 The delay.
February 1999 The wait.
January 1999 The run up to ownership.


August 1997 - December 1998 Seen it, driven it, want one. Test drive, factory tour, Motorshow '98, Snetterton track. (4 pictures)

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